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Linux’s Why?

Common question around linux answered. Continue reading “Linux’s Why?”

The Scourge of Arial

The history of Arial font and it’s relation to Helvetica.

Written by typeface designer and font developer, Mark Simonson

Continue reading “The Scourge of Arial”

Awesome: A curated list of awesome lists

Continue reading “Awesome: A curated list of awesome lists”

OSS University: Computer Science

Open Source Society University
Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science! Continue reading “OSS University: Computer Science”

[Lets Build Series] Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter

Understanding interpreter by building from scratch.

Written by Ruslan Spivak

Continue reading “[Lets Build Series] Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter”

The History of Computer Operating System

written by Thomas Haigh and Colby College

Continue reading “The History of Computer Operating System”

Sources: Journal and Papers of Technology

The following are some of sources to get journal. Get the DOI and search on  Continue reading “Sources: Journal and Papers of Technology”


Open Source research and reference

Continue reading “Calomel”


“a web site containing a collection of useful incantations for wizards, be you computer wizards, magicians, or whatever”

Continue reading “Grymoire”

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